We are incredibly proud to introduce the leader of our ticket this year, Beth Campbell.

Beth is running for First Selectwoman of Thomaston, and is the ideal candidate to lead our town in growing stronger together.

Beth has served on our Board of Education since 2013, including her current term as Chairwoman. In addition to serving on our Board of Education, she is a member of the Historic Commission, a co-organizer of the Fourth of July Children’s Parade, a member of the Thomaston Covenant Church and a former Thomaston Little League Coach.

As the Board of Education Chairwoman, she has led our school district through exceptionally difficult challenges. With the best interest of the town in mind, she has worked across political parties with both transparency and inclusive leadership to ensure the best outcome for the school district and the community.

Beth’s medical profession has prepared her to take on challenges which consistently require her to work collaboratively to find and execute solutions. Her work experience includes serving in a local community hospital as a medical-surgical nurse and a patient discharge planner for over twenty years, and she currently serves as a Quality and Training Analyst in the insurance industry.

A lifelong resident of Thomaston, Beth is the daughter of Rick and Karen O'Connell. She has a daughter who attends Thomaston High School. Beth's vision for Thomaston is exciting. She is dedicated to this town and it’s residents.

Please join her and the rest of the team at any of our upcoming events. Events can be found on the our website or the CampbellDunn 2021 Facebook page.

We welcome you to contact Beth with any issues, suggestions, or questions at or 860-542-8382.