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The Thomaston Public Library is an incredible asset to our town. We are proud to present two candidates, Barbara and Jennifer, who are dedicated to our library and will always be an advocate.


Barbara Lee

Previous Offices Held: Current member of the Library Board of Trustees. During this tenure, I was involved in the selection and approval of a new Library Director.

Community Involvement: Member of St. Peter's-Trinity Church

Personal: I have two children, Alexander and Deborah, and two grandchildren who actively participate in many library programs available to young children. I'm consistently impressed by the incredible programming that our library has to offer. In addition, my husband and I have lived in the town of Thomaston for over twenty years.

Employment: Paraprofessional within the Thomaston School District. During my tenure with the school district, I dedicated several years to the media center/library at Thomaston High School, which I was responsible for the majority of library functions on a day to day basis.

Jennifer Delaney

Community Involvement: Service in the US Peace Corps from 2004 - 2006 (North Macedonia). Previous volunteer  with soup kitchens, AIDS ministries, Special Olympics, Habitat for Humanity and was a big sister in a local Big Brother/Big Sister program.

Personal: My husband, Sean, and I are proud parents to a 10 year old son. He has attended Thomaston schools since his kindergarten year. He plays on the town soccer and baseball teams and has benefitted from eagerly participating in many library programs. I was very fortunate to grow up in Thomaston, as did my mother and grandmother, until leaving to attend WCSU. Following graduate school, I pursued a career in social work and my husband and I were honored to serve as Peace Corps Volunteers in eastern Europe for a little over two years. Then, in 2008 we decided to move back to CT to start a family. In 2009, we found our home in Thomaston and I really enjoy being back in town. We find Thomaston to be a great place to raise our son for the same reasons I loved growing up here - the close-knit community that keeps an eye out for each other; running into friends new and old; and the natural beauty that surrounds us.

Education: Undegraduate degree in social work - WCSU, Graduate degree in social work - Rhode Island College.

Employment: Adolescent Social Worker with the CT Junior Republic at the Gilbert School

Candidate Statement: I am running for the Library Board of Trustees because my family has benefitted greatly from its programs and wonderful staff. The Thomaston Library has always been, and continues to be, an enriching, safe and happy place for our children. The variety of programs offered continues to amaze me, and the positive relationships the librarians have with our children exceed their job requirements. I am excited to support and expand on everything the library has to offer all of us!

Note: A previous version of Jennifer's profile incorrectly included information from a prior candidate. This has been updated above.