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DTC Statement on Board of Education Vacancy

Earlier this week, our Board of Education appointed a new member to fill a vacancy due to resignation. The Thomaston DTC nominated Rebecca Shypinka to fill this vacancy. Becky is a former member and chair of the board, and an active volunteer in our school community.

We believed strongly in the credentials of our recommended candidate and felt that the board should appoint an experienced individual who could be ready on day one. There is a lot to learn as an incoming member, even more so in this period of uncertainty. However, the majority of the Board of Education did not agree. Of the three candidates submitted for consideration, which included Becky and a teacher, the Board chose someone without an education background, but whose party affiliation is consistent with that of the majority of the Board.

While we are disappointed, we appreciate Becky’s willingness to serve our town during this time.

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