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Statement from Beth Campbell, Candidate for First Selectwoman

I wanted to say a few words as this election heats up.

As those who know me certainly know, I believe in “We” more than “I” and this has always been my motto.

I am a moderate Democrat. I was raised where the Democratic party represented the working class.

The Board of Finance has done a great job by keeping our taxes low, and together my administration will work together with Town Departments to continue to do so.

A priority is to work with the Economic Development Commission to proactively seek out new businesses to increase our commercial tax base.

We will be aggressive with researching grants and other sources of state and federal income to help ease the burden on the town Taxpayers.

The First Selectman alone cannot singlehandedly raise or lower taxes.

When the FEMA grants are available for emergency/disaster situations, I will make sure all are aware of deadlines for applications/damage assessments. I will work with town employees to ensure those critical deadlines are not missed.

During the pandemic it was evident that having up to date technology is important. Ensuring that we have the capability to do business online and hold meetings virtually, not only for the board members to attend but for the public as well, is one main reason why I think our systems need to be looked at.

Thomaston has that small town New England spirit and hometown pride. I know we can improve communication with town employees, boards and commissions, police, fire and ambulance, all volunteer organizations, and residents. We can do this by having residents sign up for emergency communication alerts, keeping the town website up to date with events, notices, and having all agendas and meeting minutes current and available.

Unfortunately, crime is increasing. We need to work with the Police Department to develop strategies and ideas that focus on community policing. We will look into bringing back neighborhood watch or similar programs.

I will be forthright with information and issues affecting the residents of Thomaston, from the big issues to the little things. Whether it be budget concerns, garbage pickup schedules, power outages, or other emergency issues; it is priority to get information out to everyone in a timely manner.

There are areas of opportunity to become more energy efficient that can be implemented cost effectively and save the town money in the long run.

These are just a few examples of how Thomaston can improve and move forward together.

Thomaston needs honest and transparent leadership, an administration who cares for this town and it's future, who wants to keep taxes low and improve our local economy and make our town the best it can be.

Your vote matters, make it count, support the Campbell/Dunn Team on November 2nd.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions via private messenger, call or text @ (860) 542-8382.

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