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Vote Row A on Tuesday, 11/2

When you vote tomorrow, don't forget about the important down ballot races - key elected positions including individuals and members of our boards and commissions - which will be vital in ensuring we can make the impact we've been talking about for the last few months.

Many people know and appreciate the hard work of Cathy DuPont as our Town Clerk. She's actually been our town clerk for over 20 years and the Republicans have cross endorsed her.

Kristin Mosimann is running for another term as Treasurer and has held this position since 2017. She's done an incredible job in this position over the last few years and she needs your support.

It's no exaggeration that the future of our education system in Thomaston is at stake with the Thomaston Board of Education race. The Democrats have put forth two fantastic, experienced candidates for this important board - Becky Guay Shypinka and Sarah Ethier. Becky previously served on our BOE, including a term as Chairwoman. She's been a resident of Thomaston for over 25 years and is an active member of our education community. Sarah is also a long time Thomaston resident, having attended Thomaston Public Schools since Kindergarten. She's seeking a new term and has been an important voice on the BOE during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Our candidates for the Board of Library Trustees are dedicated to our incredible library. Barbara Lee, who was appointed in a bipartisan vote by the Board of Selectmen, currently serves as a Trustee and her previous library experience combined with her passion for library services makes her a great candidate to serve another term. Jennifer Delaney is currently an adolescent social worker and is a devoted volunteer, dedicating her time in the peace corps, numerous soup kitchens, Special Olympics, and the Big Brothers/Big Sisters program.

Jerry Scully has been an active volunteer in our community and deserves your support on the Board of Fire Commissioners. He previously served on our Board of Selectmen and has been on the Fire Commission since 2009.

The Board of Assessment Appeals can have an big impact on how much you pay in taxes and we're proud to support David Shypinka for this role. He is currently the Chairman of the Clocktown Committee, the Capital Improvements Committee, and has been a member of the Thomaston Fire Department for over 40 years.

When you vote tomorrow, please support Row A so we can help Thomaston grow stronger together.

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