Growing stronger together

Our dedicated team of candidates is ready to make an important change in Thomaston.

We are excited, devoted to this incredible town and can’t wait to get to work for all of you. There are many important issues facing us, but we've identified Development, Technology, and Community as three key priorities for our team when we earn your support. 

We hope that you’ll consider voting for us on November 2nd. 



  • Target grant and other sources of state and federal income to ease the burden on town tax payers

  • Partner with the Economic Development Commission to revitalize our downtown through opportunities for improved parking, create safe pedestrian traffic, and offer business incentive programs

  • Promote Thomaston’s educational system, library, town departments ,and organizations that enhance Thomaston

Image by Campaign Creators


  • Evaluate and assess our town technology to ensure we are protected against the latest threats

  • Bring our town government online: provide easier access for residents to participate in meetings, post videos of all town meetings on our website, and encourage elected officials to participate in social media to engage with residents

  • Keep our residents safe by adding security cameras to highly trafficked areas and higher crime zones



  • Ensure town government is accessible and transparent

  • Provide opportunities for feedback throughout the decision making process through online surveys to residents

  • Grow our sense of community through more collaboration between town departments, volunteers, and residents