Matt for First Selectman

Meet local hero, Matt Belval, candidate for First Selectman.

I’ve spent most of my life in Thomaston, working and volunteering, which has given me a unique viewpoint as to how the town functions. I believe our town can benefit from a more efficient bureaucratic structure and our town government can improve its ability to inform residents of what is going on in town. We must also work to cultivate a sustainable economic future so that we can continue to grow.

Thomaston is a unique community, a place where the past and the future come together. We need to continue fostering our community, together, to make Thomaston a great place for all generations.

I am a Lieutenant of Thomaston Fire Department, I currently serve on the Thomaston 150th Anniversary Committee and the Capital Improvements Committee. From 2015 to 2021, I worked as Crew Leader of the Thomaston Hillside Cemetery and I currently work as a Wastewater Operator for the Town of Thomaston Water Pollution Control Authority. 

Why do I love Thomaston? It’s a quaint town that always feels like home!

Why is Matt a local hero? Click this this link to read about his heroic efforts in saving the life of a child: