Care for the Community

We strongly support our police, volunteers of the Thomaston Ambulance Corps, and award winning Fire Department whom we count on 24 hours a day to protect and serve our town.

As a town, we must also support our senior citizens. We will ensure a safe, secure, and rich quality of life for our seniors.

Economic Development

We will work with the Economic Development Commission to attract new business and support the growth of existing businesses by promoting our town. We will also promote the assets of our town, such as the Thomaston Opera House, which attracts thousands of visitors who patronize our restaurants and businesses. Finally, we'll promote family recreational activities including the Thomaston Dam, New England Railroad Museum, Seth Thomas Bradstreet House, and the Thomaston Historical Society.


It's vital that we support education in Thomaston. All of our candidates and elected officials from the Board of Selectmen to the Board of Education are steadfast supporters of education. To continue to improve our school district, we must stand with our teachers, parents, and students to provide a superior education in our schools.